pino d'aleppo
Aleppo Pine tree Natural Reserve

The Athena Resort is the only complex located inside the Aleppo pine tree reserve, a magical place shared by the cities of Vittoria, Comiso e Ragusa. The entire area of the Reserve stretches for 3,000 hectares.
This Reserve features various areas in close proximity of the Ippari river bed; it was established in 1990 by the Environmental Department of the Sicilian Regional Government which wanted to safeguard the remaining native species of Pinus Halapensis and to rebuilt the pine grove which had been deteriorated at the hand of men; another decree of 1989 also established to entrust the management of the whole area to the Municipality of Ragusa.

The Aleppo pine tree has practically disappeared from Sicily in its natural and spontaneous form. It can only be found in this area within the city of Victoria and Santa Croce Camerina.
Inside the Aleppo Pine tree Natural Reserve there are also other kind of trees and bushes present: absence, dwarf palm, kermes oak and the more typical Mediterranean flora such as poplar trees, willow trees, mastic tree, rosemary and citrus trees.

The Ippari valley has always been known for its plantations and agricultural activities. In order to best exploit water presence in the valley many watermills have been built and you can still see them in the lower Ippari river valley.

That is why the Athena Resort is the perfect place, not only for those who want to fully enjoy the most beautiful waters of the Sicilian sea and the surrounding areas (Ibla, Ragusa and Marzamemi) but also for those who want to go on fantastic walks inside a natural reserve such as the Aleppo pine tree one o just relax in the shade of those endangered, tall and majestic trees.